First Time in the Studio

   I have been playing in bands for a long time but I've never gotten as far as recording a full-length album with a full band in a studio.  Entering the studio for me has been a phenomenal experience but there's been a lot going on outside of studio time that I think has really made a difference as well.

Before we got into the studio, I would stay up late and practice everything over and over again spending hours and hours preparing for the next day.  We don't have the luxury of being able to afford unlimited studio time so we have to make our time count.

Heading into the studio is another thing entirely as well.  We always make sure to bring coffee, flasks of whiskey, beer and bananas.  It's a fun thing to be drinking and playing music at 10am and then talking about the recordings and noting things to do better.  We've all had to be as honest as possible with each other because we don't want this album to be alright, we want it to be the best product we can make it.

It's hard to be okay with your takes after the first day because there is so much more work to be done but you really have to take it with a grain of salt and practice outside of recording time.  We had a few friends come by as well which always provides good moral support and it's great to give fellow musician friends an earful of what we've been cooking up.  

As we head into our 4th and final recording session, I am really psyched about what we have created and how we will finish the album.  We can't wait for our CD release party and rumor has it that we'll most likely be releasing the CD in July with some teasers along the way but we'll keep you updated about that as we go.

Be on the lookout for a possible show in May to help ween you off the One Way Ride withdrawals and we'll be sure to hit the ground running once we get this album out.  Radio beware, OWR is coming to get you!