Rock'n'Roll Church

Recording at Mighty Fine Productions studio is kind of like going to church.  We show up at 10am on a Sunday morning, dressed in our finest, worn-out black leather.  We’re hushed, jittery, and trying to channel all the spirits necessary to bring this album to life. Reverently, we walk the beautiful wooden floors, humbly tracing the same footsteps as such Denver greats as Mollie O Brien, Esme Patterson, Devotchka, Wende Harston & The Queen City Jazz Band… There’s even my own personal alter— a Hammond B3 organ, complete with Leslie cabinet speakers, a hand-embroidered bench, and a 1950’s Baptist lady vibe.  

Never having actually touched a B3 before, I’m initially shy and awkward.  But soon enough, I’m pulled in by the complicated drawbars, the spin and scrape of the Leslie, the flick of the tremolo switch, and the press of the volume pedal.  While we work out our newest tune ‘Under Your Spell,’ I feel like I have actually been bewitched.  It’s like the organ has its own time zone, its own magnetic field.  Time feels thick, my pulse is quick.  I’m pretty sure the B3 has been playing me and not the other way round.  It’s the closest I’ve been to a religious experience, and after we move on to other songs it takes a while for my hands to stop trembling.

Hopefully, some of the spirit we channeled in Mighty Fine will filter through the microphones and get our as-of-now intangible audience rising out of their seats to some irresistible rock’n’roll.

After four days in the studio, we just have mixing and mastering left.

It’s just the beginning…

--Laura Rose