The Business Side of the Band

    Being on stage at a show is the biggest adrenaline rush I've ever experienced.  There's nothing like playing music you wrote in front of a crowd of people who are getting into it; it gives me chills just thinking about it.  I get up there, throw on my guitar and let all of my practice and hard work pay itself off with the reactions from the crowd.  If I'm not a sweaty mess by the end of a show, I didn't do it right.

    A lot of people see what we can do on stage and they can see that we've been putting in time at practice.  They know that we've taken five people and made them into a band playing the same song at the same time in our own style.  It's a lot of work just to get tight as a band these days, but it's not nearly enough to be noticed.

    Before we get on that stage to show you what we've got, we've had to come a long way as a band and start treating it like a business.  We first needed to set ourselves up as a business with a website, email, photos, business cards, music for you to listen to and most importantly, a way to communicate and reach out to you.  Social media has been one of our biggest staples and we've been constantly striving to get more outreach.  It's not enough to come to two practices a week and play a show or two a month, there's administrative work to be done and these gigs aren't going to book themselves.

    We are constantly making to do lists and new things come up every day!  With our CD release less than two months away, the amount of work we need to put in keeps rising.  We need shirts made, CDs produced, a venue to play our show, bands to play with us, a marketing campaign, promotional materials, event invites, etc.  The amount of work that goes into running a band that is striving to be heard is something that we don't take lightly.  Many people don't realize that it's not enough to just be a great-sounding band.

    As Lyle always says, "this is a hustle" and we just need to keep on going. Every connection we can make, every business card we hand out it all helps out in the end and we're not stopping. Our band is a business and we're headed to the top.