Find Your Voice

What is the single defining factor that nearly all popular musicians have in common? Every single one has a unique style or voice to their art. Artists like Beethoven, Dylan, Jobim, Gershwin, Hendrix, Sinatra, Zeppelin, and Queen (to name a few) all saw exceptional commercial success either whilst living or after their death because they offered their audience a unique interpretation of an existing genera. That vocal or instrumental style is called the artist’s voice. 

While this concept may seem elusive to many working musicians uncovering an artist’s voice is largely a methodical process that can be accessed and implemented by anyone. There are many versions of this process and many differing opinions on the success of each but one thing is for sure, finding your voice takes conscious listening, dedicated study, practice and repetition. 

Consider the list of following questions every time you study, practice or perform music.

-What styles or sounds do you think you perform well, and do your peers agree? 

-What artists do you align yourself with musically and why?

-What artists do you like to listen to?

-Who do you play or write music with? How does their style differ and where do you connect or clash?

-Who are your musical heroes and/or mentors? What do they listen to?

-Who is your audience? What do they read and who else do they listen to?

-What is the message you want to express to the world through your sound?


By asking yourself these questions, studying carefully, trying new sounds, and asking for feedback from your audience you can begin to hone in on the one aspect that makes you a unique musical artist. 

Keep working hard,