What if the idea of language was beyond the reality of spoken communication? What if humans were naturally enabled the ability to interact with each other in ways that are completely universal and don't require a single spoken word? What if the music we listen to every day was actually a portal into the thoughts and emotions of those who wrote and performed the said songs?

Well that's just is not only an art form, it is a real and powerful means of communication.

Similar to art and math, we see music used across the world to speak universal truths of our concrete understanding. Music is a medium of complete expression in which the creator can voice a feeling across a spectrum of sound and word. If you think about it, there are only 12 notes in an octave. Those simple 12 notes make up 100% of the music that we hear today (not counting that 1/4 step nonsense that I don't understand yet). That's generations of music. Millions of songs across hundreds of genres. All created using the simple sonic matching of those 12 tones.

Is this not the same as math? In the modern metric system, we see everything built off of 11 numbers: 0 through 10. Basically an octave from 0 to 0 if you start over at 10. Every bit of code we see, from the binary in our computers to the complex math used to put people in space, is built from that same number system. Art, math, music, language....the relationships are intertwining through every fiber of the human world. Is it so wild to call music a language of it's own?

If you can't order lunch from a waiter in a strange country, but can still bring that same waiter to tears by playing one of Beethoven's sonatas, you are communicating. Communicating an emotion that is immortalized through that same combination of 12 little notes. So if you're upset at yourself for never pursuing a spoken language in school, pick up guitar. Play the piano. You will create a connection with every person on earth that shares that same understanding of your sound. We live in a crazy-beautiful and complex world, folks.

God Bless,

- Tank