Jan 30, 2019 - Magazine Interview

A little insight into “Tight Pants”, One Way Ride’s new album!! Check out the link below. 

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Review by Mariah Hansen, 303 Magazine


Oct 24, 2016 - Fate Builds Something Fresh

Fate seems to always play a big part in the development and career of a band. The twists and turns of real life all happen for a reason. Music has its way with fate. Our recent find One Way Ride has been on many journeys but it all seems to lead back to where they are today...

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Review by Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru


Oct 20, 2016 - CrossRadar - Put Me On

Opening track ‘Devil Eyes’ is filled with smoky bravado – squealing bluesy guitars and sassy vocals that work together to create an exciting tone that could very easily inspire you to jump in the car and head off on some heady escapades. ‘Lie To Me’ holds on to the same burnt out guitar sound that is fuzzed out and overdriven, while ‘Waiting’ pulls things back a notch, with its lazy acoustic guitar that creates the sensation of being part of a friendly singalong...

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Review by Chris Marsh, Crossradar


Oct 17, 2016 - Skopemag - Put Me On

Full of searing guitar licks and lyrics that pierce the soul, One Way Ride’s “Put Me On” exemplifies rock n’ roll’s very best. Throughout their album they tap into a bluesy vein that too many bands have forgotten...

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Review by Baech Sloth, Skopemag


Oct 13, 2016 - Review by NeuFutur

Devil Eyes is the first track from the new EP “Put Me On” by Colorado band One Way Ride. This type of blues-rock blends together hints of KONGOS and Alabama 3. The dynamic between the male and female vocal pushes each to a higher plateau, while the drums and guitars make for a dense instrumentation... 

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Review by James McQuiston, NeuFutur

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